1. Promptly informed of the legal and regulatory changes that affect their business
  2. We will tailor various consulting or research assignments to a member’s specific needs. By conducting both primary and secondary research, we can determine whether there is a market for a particular medical product in China
  3. We assist members with product registration, clinical trials, import/export approvals and reimbursement pricing
  4. We lobby Chinese regulatory authorities on behalf of members
  5. We assist members obtaining required import documentations and selecting the right medical distributors or distribution mechanism for products
  6. Membership recognition and promotion through our website, CMDA publications and tradeshow participation
  7. Resourceful business contacts through forums and a number of other networking activities
  8. Enjoy price discounts on trade shows and conference registrations, as well as on advertising space at CMDA events

Membership Fees

Membership Type
number of employees
Annual Fee

Institutional Membership

-Applicable to universities, hospitals, research institutes and other non-profit organizations

one fee applicable to all

Corporate Membership

-Applicable to companies engaged in research, development, manufacturing or distribution of healthcare products or services. Fees are based on number of employees worldwide.