Zhang Hengzhi, Vice President of the World Association Of Chinese Doctors, visited China Medical University

On March 8th in the afternoon, Vice President of the World Association Of Chinese Doctors, President of the North American Federation of Iatrology Society, Zhang Hengzhi and the secretary-general Chen Dongfeng were on a friendly visit to China Medical University. Wen Deliang, President of China Medical University, met the delegation. Vice president Yu Xiaosong, International Exchange Office Director Pan Bochen, and Deputy Director of International Exchange Office Wang Yiping attended the meeting.

President Wen DeLiang briefly introduced the history, current situation, and development of the school, emphasized the internationalization of the University through the way of “reaching out, bringing in and carrying out the teaching, scientific research and medical project” and so on. President Wang expected the World Association Of Chinese Doctors could recruit talents and provide support for the University in regards to engaging international cooperation. President Zhang introduced the background of the Association and the work carried out in recent years. He wished to build a platform for the school to promote the international development of the school.

After the meeting, Vice President Yu Xiaosong escorted the delegation to visit the Museum of the School History. The delegation also visited the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital, and the Online Education College. They had a in-depth discussion about the prospective partnership with respect to the remote consultation, remote education, overseas literature inquiry and etc.