Visit of China Medical University to North America

From May 28 to May 29, the delegation of China Medical University led by President Wen Deliang with his entourage Pan Bochen, the International Exchange Director, Wei Minjie, Dean of the School of Medicine, Qu Bo, director of the Center for Medical Education Research arrived in Vancouver, Canada and paid a visit to the North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS) and later visited British Columbia University (UBC).;

Figure 1 China Medical University visited North America Federation of Iatrology Society. Third from right is President Of China Medical University, Dr. Wen; the fourth from left is Chairman of North America Federation of Iatrology Society, Dr. Zhang Hengzhi.

During the stay in the North American Federation of Iatrology Society, the delegation visited the newly established Teacher Training Center and had a friendly talk with Dr. Zhang Hengzhi, chairman of the Federation. The two sides reached a consensus on the possible joint clinician training, academic cooperation and medical seminars. Inspired by the great “Belt and Road Initiative” (The “Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” initiative), the two sides exchanged views on the formation of an alliance to gather the world-wide medical universities, particular, the universities along the Silk Road countries on the same platform for communication, exchange and cooperation. The medical alliance may be called “Belt & Road International Medical Education Alliance” (BRIMEA)

The Mission of this medical alliance is to create a platform for medical universities along the Silk Road countries to promote shared programming, such as student/faculty exchanges, joint research, short-term training programs, internships, joint research, themed seminar, coordinated project etc. As the global interdependence and internationalization is increasing, the member universities within the alliance will benefit from cross-cultural exchange while enhancing their strengths. The Belt & Road International Medical Education Alliance is also intended to enhance the education of individuals and its member institutions through exposure to other cultures, countries, and experiences. Additionally, through the promotion of workshops, internships and similar initiatives, BRIMEA seeks to strengthen inter-institutional alliances and future collaboration.

An executive office will possibly be located in China Medical University, Shenyang, China, which shall coordinate implementation of the alliance and manage all the alliance’s administrative affairs while the preparatory affairs will mainly be handled by International Relations Department of North America Federation of Patrology Society, located in Vancouver Canada. The highest organ of the Alliance is the Council of the Alliance, which will decide all the important issues of the Alliance. An annual council meeting will be held, with the location rotating among the member institutions’ campuses.

North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS) has abundant medical resources in USA, Canada, Europe and CIS and many other countries. The initial contact with the universities in some of the counties got the positive response, which enhanced the confidence to gather more medical universities. The target founder countries include Russia, Belarus, Brazil, the United States, Korea, India, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Cambodia etc. and there is a plan in place to broaden the alliance to many other nations.

The essence of the great “Belt and Road Initiative” is peaceful cooperation, tolerance and inclusiveness, mutual benefits and win-win outcomes. The great strategy will be implemented by people. In this sense, education will play the key part in this great campaign. The formation of such an international education alliance will certainly enhance the exchanges among the member countries of BRIMEA, promote its internationalization, greatly raise the education, research, management level and benefit the mankind.


                                                                                           International Liaison Department

North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS)