2016 Annual Meeting of The World Association of Chinese Doctors (WACD)

2016 Annual Meeting of The World Association of Chinese Doctors (WACD) & The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs(SCAPE): Connect The World Build Our Health Together

2016 Annual Meeting of The World Association of Chinese Doctors (WACD) & The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs(SCAPE) held in 2016.8.19 – 2016.8.21 at the Stanford University Frances C. Arillaga Alumni center in the Silicon Valley, United States. The theme of the annual meeting is Connecting The World, Build Our Health Together. Nearly three hundred Chinese physician from around the world (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Japan, etc.) attended the meeting.

The Annual Meeting was hosted by The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs(SCAPE) , received strong support from the Stanford University School of Medicine and National Research Center of Stanford University, but also the generous sponsorship from Chi-Ming Medical Bodhi care. The two-day international medical event explored the important medical issues of a series of public concerns. This meeting has a milestone. Because it is by far the biggest event for Chinese physicians in the overseas and it provides a platform for exchange and cooperation, so as to promote world Chinese physicians in order to improve human health contribution.

Shi Li Ying, President of the World Association of Chinese physicians announced the opening of the conference, then Qian Xiang, president of the American Association of Chinese physicians publishes the welcome speech. Barbara Ralston, vice president of Stanford University School of medicine and Luo Linquan, Chinese Consul General in San Francisco respectively issued congratulatory and expectations. Then Zhang Yan Ling, chairman of World Chinese Medical Association delivered an important speech. He has published outlook on the World Chinese Medical Association and expectations of the future annual meeting in September in Qingdao, China.


The delegation of Jiangxi Province visited Canada

On Nov. 10th,2012, the delegation of Jiangxi Province visited Canada.
During the visitation, the delegation met with experts of North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS). Members of the delegation and experts of NAFIS exchanged information about quality management and evaluation of public health systems. In addition, the delegation also discussed some potential projects for future cooperation.

The 7th China Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Congress

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases in China. It is estimated that 160 million people in China are suffering from hypertension. However, for various reasons ranging from widespread misunderstandings about the disease to disparity in patient experiences, hypertension is poorly controlled in China with overall control rate at only 6%, resulting enormous burden of health care expenses both on inpidual and the society.

To better control hypertension, it is crucial to improve physicians’ knowledge and skills dealing with the disease. Since founded in 2002 by the CMDA and Peking University People’s Hospital, China Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Congress (the congress) has provided a platform for Chinese physicians to share therapeutic strategies to control hypertension, stroke and related complications. In the past 6 years, the congress has become one of the top conferences in Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular area – 1500 heart physicians, neurologists, endocrinologists and hypertension specialists from across the country attended the congress in 2008.

The 7th China Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Congress will be held September 18-20, 2009 in Beijing. The theme of this conference is: The Heart, Metabolic disorders and Stroke. Through a number of inter-disciplinary in-depth studies, the congress intends to the Congress intends to illustrate the fundamental pathophysiological mechanisms of Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular diseases.

The congress sincerely invites experts and researchers in the field joining our efforts to mitigate these threats to our lives. The congress strives to provide a professional forum for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular specialists, neurologists and researchers in related fields both nationally and internationally, making the China Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Congress a global player.