The Qinghai Province Health&Family Planning Commission delegation visit the North American Federation of Iatrology Society

June 8, 2017,Wang Xiaoqin, Deputy Director–General of Qinghai Province Health&Family Planning Commission led Dr. Bi Yuhua Director of Qinghai Province Health&Family Planning Commission、Dr. Li Zhanquan president of Qinghai University Affiliated Hospital、Dr. Bian Huiping president of Qinghai Province Cardio-cardiovascular Disease Specialist Hospital、Dr. Jia Ying president of Qinghai Province Blood Center and Dr. Tian Zhong Deputy Director of Qinghai Province Health&Family Planning Commission, a delegation of six people visit the North American Federation of Iatrology Society,Qinghai Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and North American Federation of Iatrology Society on strengthening bilateral cooperation framework for cooperation.the Qinghai Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and the North American Federation of Iatrology Society in view of the rapid development of modern medical development, the two sides agreed to strengthen long-term cooperation and exchange, specifically the provisions of this agreement.

The purpose of cooperation and exchange is to promote Qinghai Provincial Health field in the integration of clinical, basic and other related medical fields and North American medical cooperation.

North American Federation of Iatrology Society will provide support to the Qinghai Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission in the aspects of talent exchange, personnel training, technical exchange and scientific research cooperation. North American Federation of Iatrology Society will assist the Qinghai Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission to organize selection and management personnel, medical personnel to train to international well-known medical institutions, carry out scientific research and academic exchanges, etc. International well-known medical institutions experts to visit Qinghai to help the Qinghai Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and international well-known universities and medical institutions to carry out scientific research cooperation to assist the Qinghai Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and foreign medical institutions to carry out various forms of exchange activities.

The two sides work together to carry out academic research, the two sides strive to cultivate a number of international vision, high-level medical talents of the strategic needs of the cooperation.

The results of collaborative research in the research papers, by the two sides of the researchers Ping Ping common enjoyment. The other side of the cooperation for the hospital under the jurisdiction of the party and the international top medical institutions to establish a platform for exchanges and cooperation, will further promote the level of medical technology and management to a new level.

Visit of China Medical University to North America

From May 28 to May 29, the delegation of China Medical University led by President Wen Deliang with his entourage Pan Bochen, the International Exchange Director, Wei Minjie, Dean of the School of Medicine, Qu Bo, director of the Center for Medical Education Research arrived in Vancouver, Canada and paid a visit to the North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS) and later visited British Columbia University (UBC).;

Figure 1 China Medical University visited North America Federation of Iatrology Society. Third from right is President Of China Medical University, Dr. Wen; the fourth from left is Chairman of North America Federation of Iatrology Society, Dr. Zhang Hengzhi.

During the stay in the North American Federation of Iatrology Society, the delegation visited the newly established Teacher Training Center and had a friendly talk with Dr. Zhang Hengzhi, chairman of the Federation. The two sides reached a consensus on the possible joint clinician training, academic cooperation and medical seminars. Inspired by the great “Belt and Road Initiative” (The “Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” initiative), the two sides exchanged views on the formation of an alliance to gather the world-wide medical universities, particular, the universities along the Silk Road countries on the same platform for communication, exchange and cooperation. The medical alliance may be called “Belt & Road International Medical Education Alliance” (BRIMEA)

The Mission of this medical alliance is to create a platform for medical universities along the Silk Road countries to promote shared programming, such as student/faculty exchanges, joint research, short-term training programs, internships, joint research, themed seminar, coordinated project etc. As the global interdependence and internationalization is increasing, the member universities within the alliance will benefit from cross-cultural exchange while enhancing their strengths. The Belt & Road International Medical Education Alliance is also intended to enhance the education of individuals and its member institutions through exposure to other cultures, countries, and experiences. Additionally, through the promotion of workshops, internships and similar initiatives, BRIMEA seeks to strengthen inter-institutional alliances and future collaboration.

An executive office will possibly be located in China Medical University, Shenyang, China, which shall coordinate implementation of the alliance and manage all the alliance’s administrative affairs while the preparatory affairs will mainly be handled by International Relations Department of North America Federation of Patrology Society, located in Vancouver Canada. The highest organ of the Alliance is the Council of the Alliance, which will decide all the important issues of the Alliance. An annual council meeting will be held, with the location rotating among the member institutions’ campuses.

North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS) has abundant medical resources in USA, Canada, Europe and CIS and many other countries. The initial contact with the universities in some of the counties got the positive response, which enhanced the confidence to gather more medical universities. The target founder countries include Russia, Belarus, Brazil, the United States, Korea, India, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, Cambodia etc. and there is a plan in place to broaden the alliance to many other nations.

The essence of the great “Belt and Road Initiative” is peaceful cooperation, tolerance and inclusiveness, mutual benefits and win-win outcomes. The great strategy will be implemented by people. In this sense, education will play the key part in this great campaign. The formation of such an international education alliance will certainly enhance the exchanges among the member countries of BRIMEA, promote its internationalization, greatly raise the education, research, management level and benefit the mankind.


                                                                                           International Liaison Department

North American Federation of Iatrology Society (NAFIS)



Zhang Hengzhi, Vice President of the World Association Of Chinese Doctors, visited China Medical University

On March 8th in the afternoon, Vice President of the World Association Of Chinese Doctors, President of the North American Federation of Iatrology Society, Zhang Hengzhi and the secretary-general Chen Dongfeng were on a friendly visit to China Medical University. Wen Deliang, President of China Medical University, met the delegation. Vice president Yu Xiaosong, International Exchange Office Director Pan Bochen, and Deputy Director of International Exchange Office Wang Yiping attended the meeting.

President Wen DeLiang briefly introduced the history, current situation, and development of the school, emphasized the internationalization of the University through the way of “reaching out, bringing in and carrying out the teaching, scientific research and medical project” and so on. President Wang expected the World Association Of Chinese Doctors could recruit talents and provide support for the University in regards to engaging international cooperation. President Zhang introduced the background of the Association and the work carried out in recent years. He wished to build a platform for the school to promote the international development of the school.

After the meeting, Vice President Yu Xiaosong escorted the delegation to visit the Museum of the School History. The delegation also visited the First Affiliated Hospital, the Second Affiliated Hospital, and the Online Education College. They had a in-depth discussion about the prospective partnership with respect to the remote consultation, remote education, overseas literature inquiry and etc.

2016 Annual Meeting of The World Association of Chinese Doctors (WACD)

2016 Annual Meeting of The World Association of Chinese Doctors (WACD) & The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs(SCAPE): Connect The World Build Our Health Together

2016 Annual Meeting of The World Association of Chinese Doctors (WACD) & The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs(SCAPE) held in 2016.8.19 – 2016.8.21 at the Stanford University Frances C. Arillaga Alumni center in the Silicon Valley, United States. The theme of the annual meeting is Connecting The World, Build Our Health Together. Nearly three hundred Chinese physician from around the world (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Japan, etc.) attended the meeting.

The Annual Meeting was hosted by The Society of Chinese American Physician Entrepreneurs(SCAPE) , received strong support from the Stanford University School of Medicine and National Research Center of Stanford University, but also the generous sponsorship from Chi-Ming Medical Bodhi care. The two-day international medical event explored the important medical issues of a series of public concerns. This meeting has a milestone. Because it is by far the biggest event for Chinese physicians in the overseas and it provides a platform for exchange and cooperation, so as to promote world Chinese physicians in order to improve human health contribution.

Shi Li Ying, President of the World Association of Chinese physicians announced the opening of the conference, then Qian Xiang, president of the American Association of Chinese physicians publishes the welcome speech. Barbara Ralston, vice president of Stanford University School of medicine and Luo Linquan, Chinese Consul General in San Francisco respectively issued congratulatory and expectations. Then Zhang Yan Ling, chairman of World Chinese Medical Association delivered an important speech. He has published outlook on the World Chinese Medical Association and expectations of the future annual meeting in September in Qingdao, China.


“Promote Health throughout the Country”——A Charitable Activity Organized by CMDA

In order to promote the health of all the people and raise health awareness amongst the general public, Chinese Medical Doctor Association organized the charitable activity of “promote health throughout the country”. This activity lasted from June 15th, 2011 to June 15th, 2012.

The content of the activity is pided into five parts as follows:

1 The launch ceremony of the activity.

2 Cooperate with basic medical institutions to provide health services and establish health science knowledge stations.

3 Host chronic disease prevention and control forums and train rural general practitioners.

4 Hold salvation activities for children with cerebral palsy.

5 Give public lectures about preventive treatment of disease.

Charitable Activities

March 26, 2011, 10am from China Medical Doctor Association

A medicine donation ceremony was held for the social event of “Warming Up the Frozen Heart” at the Conference Hall of the Southwest Hospital, China. RMB7200 medication was donated by CMDA to 27 ALS patients.

Over 100 people attended the ceremony, including Dr. Cai Zhongjun, Vice Chairman of CMDA, Mr. Yuan Yaming, Administrative Director of CMDA, Dr. Guo Jiwei, Vice President of the Southwest Hospital, medical doctors, ALS patients and their families, and the media.

Dr. Cai made a heart-marming speech “Giving Hopes to ALS Patients” and encouraged them to continue their efforts in fighting the disease. Vice President Guo’s speech focused on the specialized ALS clinic of the Southwest Hospital, the only designated hospital in the Chongqing Region to provide ALS medical services in this social event. The Hospital provides free visitations, examinations and medicine to ALS patients every three months.

Under the sponsorship of CMDA, over 3000 ALS patients have been registered and its phone hotline has received over 50,000 inquiries. Over 1200 ALS patients under the poverty line have received donations. A national committee was founded in 2010 to develop a service network across the country, including free medication, breathing equipment supply, computerized monitoring system, a home-based service plan and a volunteer plan.


Mr. Da-Kui Yin and local government officers visited E-Mei-Shan City People’s Hospital, , , Le-Shan Woman and , Ma-Bian County People’s Hospital, . Meeting with local practicing physicians, Mr. Yin praised their professionalism and accomplishments.February 12 to 15, 2007, accompanied by colleagues of CMDA rural healthcare improvement project, former Vice-Minister if China Ministry of Health (MOH), CMDA president Ka-Kui Yin assessed the project progress at E-Mei-Shan City, Le-Shan City and Ma-Bian County of Si-Chuang Province and donated 200 sets of Stethoscope, 200 sets of blood pressure testing device, and one million Yuan worth of medicines.

The First Annual General Surgeons Conference

Dear Distinguished Surgeons,

Chinese College of Surgeons (CCS) is a branch organization of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. It is a national, non-for profit and voluntary association consisting of inpidual surgeon members and institutional members. As the main association for general surgeons in China, all the participating members are legally registered and licensed general surgeons (licensed surgeons and licensed assistant surgeons) within the territory of China and are entitled to practice medicine in China. Approved by China’s Ministry of Health and officially registered with China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, Chinese College of Surgeons (CCS) is legally constituted in November, 2007.

The mandate of Chinese College of Surgeons (CCS) is to regulate medical practice by licensed medical practitioners and to protect their rights as well as to advocate self-disciplines for the professionals. And through that mandate to establish and endorse standards for the profession and to initiate a series of functions as to coordinate, discipline, protect, oversea, manage its members. CCS unites and organizes surgeons in China to abide by national constitutions, laws, regulations and policies, to advocate the ethical values and life-saving humanitarian and professional principles, to improve surgeon medical levels and service quality, to protect the rights of surgeons and to improve the healthcare of Chinese people as well as to build a h armonious society.

The first Annual Surgeons Conference, organized by CCS will be held at Beijing Jiu Hua Mountain Resort International exhibition center from September 26 to September 29, 2008.

With the theme as “Accomplishment, Exploration, Challenge” – The Chinese Surgeons “Medical Practice and Professional Management”, this conference invites renowned scholars and senior experts in the filed of general surgeon medical practice, scientific research and professional management, together with the surgeons from all over China, to gather together to discuss a number of topics: 1).The Chinese College of Surgeons’ organizational and management model; methods and measurements of implementing different functions of the association; 2) Clinical development of various fields in surgery; coordination between various surgery and technical presentation and education; study and implementation of medical treatment standards, medical practice standards and medical professional standards; 3) the development of organizational management of CCS and international environment; 4) The professional risks that the Chinese surgeons are facing and the rights of surgeons.

This annual conference will turn out to be a platform for the general medical and clinical experience exchange between all the general surgeons, exploration of medical practice management model, presentation of medical service levels and participation of regularity of medical practice. This conference will also become the forefront for the appearance and education of new technology and new products in various field of surgery.

We welcome the attendance of general surgeons for academic discussions as well as experience-exchanging sessions.

Conference Information:

  • Date of Conference: September 26 th – 29 th , 2008

CMDA Approves 16 Medical Professional Training Centres

First CMDA Medical Professional Development Siminar was held Aug 21- 25, 2006 in Beijing. 50 students from across the country received professional training by experts coming from George Washiton University, Univesity of California San Diego and University of East tennessee on topics of Psychopathic, family medicine and behavioral medicine.

16 Medical Professional Training Centres became the ealiest training facility approved by CMDA.